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Coach Vel Bates

Vel Bates

Owner & founder

Vel is the owner and founder of 3D Fitness. He is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer & Nutritional Specialist. He found his love for fitness in 2015 when he first began his personal fitness journey. This inspired him to study for his certification, to become a personal trainer & nutrition specialist to change the lives of over 100 men and women! This eventually led him to opening 3D Fitness! He was an athlete all throughout school, in track and field and played football. In his spare time he loves to spend time with his family, read and travel!

Coach Lexc Ackerson

Lexc Ackerson

Owner & CEO

Lexc is the owner and founder of 3D Fitness! She is an ACE certified coach, who gained her love for health and fitness in 2016, which sparked her interest to help transform the lives of others. She is also currently our Holistic Pre & Postnatal Exercise Specialist! Her #1 goal is to give pregnant mothers the knowledge and skills to have a peaceful mind and confidence in their body. She approaches staying healthy mentally & physically during/after childbirth by treating both the mind & body. After becoming a Mother who experienced Diastasis Recti, she had Doctors constantly trying to convince her surgery was her only solution. But she had other beliefs!! If you are a WOMAN and/or MOM looking to elevate your mind & body, she is your go to Coach!

Coach Ethan Delatore

Ethan Delatore

USAW Certified Trainer

Ethan Delatorre is a USAW Certified Trainer. He found his love for personal training back in 2019. As an athlete throughout his life and seeing the benefits of having a healthy lifestyle, he wants to help others achieve their goals. Through dedication and consistency, anything you set your mind to is possible. He loves training in Mixed Martial Arts, playing soccer, and anything that sets a new challenge for him. In his spare time, he likes to try new food spots and spend quality time with family and friends.


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